Art Of Journaling

Fundraiser to support our youth
The Peterborough Woman’s Club is excited to host a Virtual Art Journaling Event lead by our own PWC member and professional artist Kate Schaffer. All proceeds from the class will fund a scholarship to MAxT Makerspace to be presented to a local young woman pursuing a career in a skilled trade.
Proceeds from the class will fund a scholarship to a local young woman pursuing a career in a skilled trade.
Art Journaling is a way to unleash your creativity, relax and express your thoughts on paper. The best part is you do not have to be an artist or have experience drawing. Kate will provide you with direction and techniques to get you started and the skills to continue journaling on your own.

As we move into the winter months, we are all looking for fun and exciting activities to keep us busy and still interact with others in these stressful times. Join others in our wonderful community from the comfort of your home for an evening of learning, exploring and expressing ourselves with journaling while support a local youth!

Great fun for mothers and daughters to do together! Want to host a few family members, neighbors or friends at your home in one zoom window? No problem! Group windows welcome!

Art Journaling is a process of freeing yourself mentally by expressing your thoughts and then painting to relax and rewind. Your journal is a very personal expression that you can adapt for yourself to meet your needs.
This workshop provides the beginning steps to help you achieve this goal. Let’s go over some of the things you will need to know.

“Do I need to be an artist?”
Absolutely not! This workshop will help you learn some fundamental techniques so that you can feel comfortable doing this after you get home.
“Will I be able to do this after the class?”
Definitely. There are several techniques that you can learn that will help you to go ahead with your journal in the future. I will also be giving you a sheet of writing prompts that you can use to get started or give you ideas for your own. You can also take notes during the class on the techniques and my youtube videos are available for reminders and also give some new techniques you can try.
“What if I love this? Do you have more classes?”
Kate offers classes, and you can contact her directly.
“What if I am nervous about being the only one there who can’t draw?”
First, let me assure you that you will NOT be the only one that doesn’t draw or who has never done “art” before. The art journal is not about having art you can show to others. The art journal is about YOU. Your thoughts, feelings, and means of expression. It is also your personal way of destressing and finding your center. Second, drawing is not a requirement for this class. Later on you can try your hand at drawing. I have advanced classes just for that purpose. But for now, this is a low entry workshop for you to get your feet wet and bring to life the creative you that IS inside.
“How much will the supplies cost?”

You can plan on between $30 – $40 dollars. You can spend more by getting better quality paint and expensive brushes, but I would encourage you to keep the cost on the lower side and go with the recommended supplies. I have given these specifically for two reasons.

  • So you do not feel like your supplies are too precious and are afraid to use them because you might make a mistake.
  • I want you to have the freedom to explore and discover what you like so moving forward you only spend money on the things you will really use and not feel frustrated by.

If you have a daughter who would like to join the workshop, the paints and medium will work for both of you, but you will each need your own of all the other supplies.

“Are the supplies easy to find?”
Definitely. You can get them at Michaels or any art supply store. I have given a link to an online art store Jerrys Artarama where you can get them if you just want to do online shopping.

Rather call to regsiter? Not a problem.
Call Lindsey 603-554-6757


Date: November 13th (Friday)
Time: 6:30pm (duration 2hrs)
Price: $20 PWC members, $30 non members, $100 for groups in a single zoom window

Location: Zoom (Hosted at MAxT)

Ticket FAQs:
If my daughter and I want to join should I purchase two tickets? No, we just ask groups of more than three either give a donation or pick the $100 option.

Meet Kate

Kate has so generous offered to donate her time and skills to the Art Of Journaling fundraiser.

Zoom Live Event

Signup above. For members this event is free. Prior to the event you will hear from us reminding you to to make the cake and cool it ahead of time. We'll also send details of the zoom link and answer any questions you might have.

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