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Peterborough Woman’s Club is about you and our community. Without formed committees and those who volunteer, projects and activities wouldn’t be successful. Directed by the Board, each committee focuses on a key area of activity to develop manageable tasks. A committee’s smaller size fosters camaraderie among members. Committees will review options and regularly present their findings and recommendations to the Board. Committee members will have expertise in their area of focus or have interest in the subject. Committees can broaden their expertise by including members who are not Board members but have a particular knowledge and dedication to our organization’s mission.

Due to current world situations we can’t plan too far in advanced. Please check back or join our mailing list (below) to stay updated.

October 2020 - MAxt Makerspace

This program committee is being formed to create an event in October to raise money to support at least two women for a year membership at MAxT Makerspace. This October event will involve some sort of art related activity for our community (PWC Members at a discounted rate). This committee will be responsible for coming up with and organizing this event with the support of PWC Board. If you are interested in this committee, please fill out the form on the right and you will be contacted shortly.

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